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Feedback for Jericho Writers
16.11.2018 17:28

When Jericho Writers asked their members to post an honest review about how it works for them, I immediately felt the urge to comply with this request.


Up to now, I have written my novels in German in Self Publishing; However, I needed in-depth editing, costing quite a lot. I am multi-lingual (Afrikaans, English, Dutch, German and Swedish); More likely you could call it non-lingual. I can’t use any language anymore perfectly. I’ve stopped writing.


Two years ago I went to see our childhood farm one more time after 59 years., memories overcame me. When I stood on the rim of the gorge “donga” the rock on which I stood broke loose; I fell 4 metres into the gully. I was severely hurt, but alive. It was then it began to revolve in my mind something I had hitherto only dreamed of, to write down the memories of the farm, but covering it in fiction. My new novel was born.


Here Jericho Writers came in. I was amazed by the friendly personal help I received. All my questions were answered quite prompt. I decided to submit the first three chapters for an overview, scared about the feedback, as I was quite sure my English would never be up to standards.


I received a personal report from an editor for these three chapters regarding the overall formatting and length, the overall quality of writing and presentation, the commercial potential, structure, voice and style, characterisation and dialogue, plotting, pacing and tension, as well as feedback on specific editorial points.

“My novel has great potential but at the moment deeply flawed by an unstable use of some of the historic present/past tense and some uncertain use of English.”


I went through this feedback point by point and started to study English grammar. I began reading English novels, and now, a couple of months later, I have the feeling I am getting somewhere.


What helped me as well was watching the videos of Harry Bingham, giving so many tips and tricks. I also attended a webinar, but there my main problem was that I hardly understood what was said. The audio in itself was not good; many words I’ve never heard and sometimes the slight dialect of the person made it hard (for me) to understand.


The Townhouse community where fellow authors give their critiques had been helpful to me. Here you can get feedback from different authors, who of course see things differently. I was told here as well that my story was good, but my English not. Some gave me direct help. It is a forum that is extremely helpful.

Overall I can say that becoming a member of Jericho Writers was the best thing I did in a long time.


A great Thanks for all your help.




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